Pronounced as "nowaar-nee-KORN", Ellie simply combined the words noir and unicorn together. On her mission to find an online name to go by, she wanted something that would really encompass her personality, likes, and overall art style. 

NOIR; Black. Film Noir. The absence of light. The night sky. Stillness. The color of skin. 

UNICORN; A mythical creature with one horn, usually depicted as a horse but can take other forms in folklore. Unique, rare, magical. 

After posting art online for several years, she realized that noir had multiple definitions and connotations that actually aligned with her. It serves as a good descriptor of her Black Hispanic American background & struggles (ie experiencing misogynoir), her Filmmaker background, love of "dark" gothic themes, and being the "black sheep" growing up. 

Unicorn came secondary with the connotations of uniqueness, creativity, and having black girl magic. It also represents how two differing aesthetics seem to come together in her work; the more whimsical stylistic choices in her art with darker themes underneath the surface.

Combine these two and you get a fantasy loving artist who happens to be of Afro-Cuban descent, a huge fan of The Cure & wearing all black, and was considered the endearingly "weird kid" growing up.


Ellie started her artistic journey as soon as she was able to pick up a pencil. From the time she had her first "art show" in kindergarten (a collection of large blob paintings that all somewhat resembled Winnie the Pooh), she has had a passion for creating with her hands.

She started freelancing back in 2012 as a Graphic Designer & Research Assistant for a Bio-Tech company, which evolved into more projects as her skills were honed. Over time, she also became a Filmmaker, Illustrator, and published Writer, working primarily in non-fiction.

Noirnicorn is a passion fueled project & art shop that strives to combine gothic fantasy, fae lore, and Afro-American influence together in order to create unique content in several mediums. From comics to wearable art, her main mission is to weave storytelling and character within each piece. 

She also hopes her art brings a sense of playfulness yet retain a level of introspection. Elements of cultural identity, mental health, and the soft side of sexuality make appearances throughout her work.